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Hacking Team advises customers to stop using tools

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Hacking Team advises customers to stop using tools

Last Sunday the cyber security firm ‘Hacking Team’ saw 400GB of private data published in a humiliating hack. The company is now advising customers to stop using its software until it assesses all damage.

Clients are largely law enforcement and national security agencies who use the company to provide surveillance capabilities. Hacking team

Unfortunately these customers have had to suspend all their operations while the company determines what information has been exposed.

The data published contained the source codes of a variety of the company’s tools, tools that enable users to hack into desktop computers and smartphones to spy on targets.

This means that these sources are now available online for everyone with access to analyse, dissect and reproduce.

Software companies that have been previously vulnerable to the Hacking Team’s software are now fixing the newly uncovered holes.

The hacking also publicised a number of difficult files for the company, some showing that the Hacking Team sold tools to repressive regimes, such as Bahrain and Sudan. This is despite the company having previously denied working with such nations.