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Healthy heart success

Healthy heart success

The second virtualDCS ‘Healthy Hearts’ day took place on 11th February and it was a fantastic event, thanks to the help of Heart Research UK.

healthy hearts dayThe day started with 10 minute personal life assessments, evaluating what lifestyle choices can affect the heart, such as alcohol intake, exercise levels and the consumption of saturated fat.

Blood pressure readings were then taken and advice given on how to be more heart friendly. The virtualDCS team also invited customer Niemen architects to take part in the day.

“We all had a fantastic time at our annual healthy hearts event. Working with Heart Research UK helps our staff improve their lifestyles through education. As an employer we want our staff to be both happy and healthy, which is why we regularly host events, said Peter Bowers, Sales Director at virtualDCS.”

Healthy heart quizOn completion of the life assessment, the businesses then split into two teams to take part in a healthy hearts game show, with Peter Bowers, Nikki Towler and Antonio Francis winning Heart Research UK shirts.

Following the excitement of the quiz, a healthy lunch was provided by virtualDCS.

Vicki Litherland, Heart Research UK Lifestyle Officer commented: “Events like these help people to improve their lifestyles with a better chance of avoiding serious illnesses like heart disease. It is also a good way of generating awareness for Heart Research UK and gaining new supporters so we can carry on with our important work.”

For more information or to take part in your own Healthy Hearts day call Nikki on 03453 888 327.