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How to help your customers grow with SaaS

How to help your customers grow with SaaS

Customer growth in any industry is important, but for a software developer, customer success could now be the difference between their own triumph and failure.

There are a number of factors that make a software house successful, but customer happiness has to be the number one priority. With SaaS, customer issues and growth can impact a developer directly in a number of different ways.

This blog explores some of these topics and how developers can help their customers to grow within the cloud.

Customer commitment 

It has always been important for software developers to look after their customers and pay attention to their needs, but due to SaaS and the cloud service trend, it has never been more important.

As you’re probably aware, with SaaS, customers rent the software as opposed to purchasing it outright.  By trading Capital expenditure for Operational expenditure, the user is consequently less invested in the software they’re renting so they may be tempted to move to the competition, exploring other avenues and software solutions.


Helping SaaS customers grow

A fulfilled customer means growth for the software house. The happier the customer is the more likely they are to sign up for longer term subscriptions, add additional users, increase storage facilities and even provide referrals! This all results in direct revenue for the developer.

So how do you actually make a customer happy and encourage growth?

Customer service

Creating a quality piece of software is only half the battle, customer service has a massive impact on experience. Optimising websites, sales processes and technical articles can also help.

The importance of customer service is also mentioned in one of our previous articles called ‘Being a SaaS hero is all about the customer service’, but as customer service in SaaS is so important, we thought we’d mention it here and talk about it twice!


It’s time to avoid death by data and speak to customers. Not only does speaking to them directly help to enhance the connection between the provider and the customer, but it also opens up opportunities for market research. Direct feedback is the best way to ensure your software remains relevant, with features and updates in line with their requirements.

Consequently, any feedback taken on board will help the customer to increase their productivity and free up time to generate further growth.

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