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How to compete in the Cloud in 2015

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How to compete in the Cloud in 2015

As the Cloud has now entered the teenage years, businesses are increasingly comfortable with utilising virtualisation technology.

Consequently in an effort to generate profit through a new trend, hundreds of new Service providers are entering the market each month, offering Cloud based solutions such as Disaster Recovery, Software as a Service and Voice as a Service.

So, as a service provider how do you compete in Cloud, in such a crowded market?

compete in the cloudCustomer Service

You’d be surprised just how many Cloud providers treat their customers as a number, while also selling them a box product. We believe that every customer is unique and to provide the correct service you need to listen and understand a customer’s requirements along with their end goals. You need to treat them as a person, not a cash machine.

Transparency is everything

Don’t hide anything, it can only come back to hurt you. If you resell a service or partner with a third party to deliver it, then don’t hide it. If anything goes wrong, or you don’t have the answers to questions a customer asks then the image of your business is tarnished.

Innovation is key

In order to keep up with the constant industry changes, you have to become a leader yourself. As a business, you need to be consistently finding ways to do things better, whether it is speeding up a process or finding a new way to utilise a piece of technology, one of these could be a USP (unique selling point) for a potential customer. By finding innovative ways to streamline your business processes, you are also freeing up more time for employees to look after your customers.

Competing in such a diverse market is never easy, but by sticking to your company values and investing time in clients, you’ll be sure to stand out.