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How to make a Cardboard VR headset

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How to make a Cardboard VR headset

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In the pack we’ve given you, you should have the following items:

Cardboard virtual reality pack

Step 1: Step one is to remove any unwanted material that hasn’t been removed. You’ll have to pop the cardboard out carefully without ripping the card.

Step one

Step 2: Take the lenses and place them in the middle of the large piece of cardboard (at the centre of the image), like below. Then fold the cardboard around the front and back of the main lens section to keep them in place. You can also use tape or a rubber band to keep them secure.

 Step 3: Take the large cardboard piece and face it so that the curved corners are facing towards you. Take the left side of the cardboard, fold and secure the piece in place. 


Step 4. Now fold the large piece of cardboard (above right image ) around the lenses. You should make sure that the side with the slit is facing inwards. Slot the divider piece in here so that your eyes can only see the intended image. Secure the folded cardboard with the rubber band for more security.


Step 5: Use the two Velcro pads to fasten the flap to the top of the headset, like below.


Step 6: Place the magnets in the following position (or where the magnets/sleep sensors on your phone are placed). Moving these magnets then acts as a switch on specific applications.

Step 7: Download your Virtual Reality apps from Google Play or iTunes.  We’ve found some great apps that you can download called:

  • Google cardboard
  • Dinosaurs Everywhere
  • Roller Coaster VR
  • Money
  • Sisters
  • DiveCity coaster
  • VisitVR

Step 8: Open the cardboard holder up and place your phone with the open application inside.