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How to overcome the fear of BYOD

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How to overcome the fear of BYOD

Implementing a BYOD solution into your organisation doesn’t have to come at the cost of security and IT control. There are some very simple solutions that without comprising data, can also enhance employee productivity.

BYODThe most common BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) fears stem from data leaks and breaches. Many IT departments fear that because of the ever increasing number of employee devices, they have no control over the security of data and that the business network will be more susceptible to vulnerabilities through user error. Unfortunately, this can be a legitimate fear.

In its latest infographic, Netskope has recently reported that 70% of hacked accounts result from uploads to apps with minimal security. On average, a business will use 730 cloud apps, with 90% of them not up to the required security level.

So, how can an IT department ensure that employees protect business data?

The first step is to simply educate employees and empower them on how they can take control of their data, as often users don’t fully understand the repercussions of their actions and how they can impact the organisation.

Once educated, added security measures can be implemented to make initiatives safer. These features include two-factor authentication and encryption.

Internal processes should also be put in place to ensure that data is wiped when an employee leaves the organisation and it is important that the IT team has a good understanding of each device being used by employees.

If the IT team successfully implemented these data-security practices, then they are on the way to successfully keeping the balance between happy, productive employees and data security.