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Infographic: 6 reasons to backup Microsoft Office 365

Infographic: 6 reasons to backup Microsoft Office 365

Why backup microsoft office 365?

Accidental deletion

Human error is one of the biggest causes of data loss. The recycle bins and version histories in Microsoft Office 365 only provide limited protection from data loss. This can turn a simple recovery into a big problem after Office 365 has geo-redundantly deleted the data forever.

Internal security threats

Security threats don’t just come from outside the
organisation, businesses also experience threats from the inside and it’s happening a lot more than you think.
Human error and malice will always pose a threat without safeguards, such as offsite backups in place.

Retention policy gaps

Microsoft Office 365 has limited backup and retention policies and is not intended to be an all-encompassing backup solution.
A Microsoft Office 365 backup solution offers a longer accessible retention policy to protect and store all data in a single location. Simple, fast & reliable.

External security threats

Malware, Phishing attacks and viruses, such as Ransomware are on the rise, doing serious damage
to businesses of all shapes and sizes.
It’s not just your data at risk, but also your reputation. Regular backups can help prevent the damage from these attacks.

Managing deployments

Organisations adopting Microsoft Office 365 usually need a window of time for transitioning between on-premise Exchange and Office Exchange online.
The right backup solution should be able to handle hybrid email deployments and treat Exchange data the same.

Legal requirements

Legal obligations and compliance requirements vary between industries and countries, but you may be tasked with retrieving mailboxes or historic data, well beyond the retention policy of Microsoft Office 365. With virtualDCS and Veeam you can recover files at your fingertips.

Veeam and virtualDCS

We’ve partnered with Veeam to offer a unique solution, putting Microsoft Office 365 backup and recovery at your fingertips.
If you already use Veeam, just enable Veeam Cloud Connect from your console and in the event of a data problem on your site you can access the virtualDCS hosted repositories and retrieve your data at any time.

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