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Invisible wearable technology

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Invisible wearable technology

Research by Gartner has backed claims that microscopic sensor technology is the way forward, and will change our relationship with wearable technology forever.

Wearable technologyIn the company’s annual customer devices report, Gartner states that they believe by 2017, 30% of wearable technology will go unnoticed by the naked eye.

The report hints that organisations should stay away from smart watches and wristbands, instead moving towards hidden devices.

Wearable technology is greatly aided by cloud computing, and by 2018, Gartner also predicts that 25 million ‘head mounted displays’, such as Google Glass and Oculus will have been sold. The organisation continued to state that they believe these two technology areas will merge into traditional glasses.

In reflection of technology advancement, Gartner has stated in its report that there needs to be serious progress the areas of software compatibility and comfort, but most importantly privacy as this is the main concern for users.