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Latest iPhone glitch frustrates users

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Latest iPhone glitch frustrates users

The latest ‘prank website’ forces iPhones to reboot, in addition to causing computers and Android devices to crash.

The latest issue has come to light shortly after issues with an iPhone text messaging bug which, when sent to a device, caused it to reboot.

The new prank link which is simply called crashsafari (.) com overloads the default browser with a self-generating text string. After around 20 seconds the code will force the device to reboot, causing it to heat up while attempting to handle the code.

cloud strategy iPad and Android devices running code also have a similar reaction. Rebooting the device or quitting chrome clears the device in this instance. Desktop and laptop computers are also slowed down and effected depending on how much processing power they hold.

Shortly after the issue was announced Apple’s stock value dropped below $100 for the first time since October 2014. According to the latest figures, sales of the smartphone currently make up 63% of the company’s revenue, and reports are now suggesting that Apple’s iPhone sales are now in decline.
If this is true and the trend continues, it may require some companies to re-assess their BYOB cloud strategy for mobile working and security.

Until a fix is released, iPhone users should remain careful about the links they click as one shortened link created by pranksters has already been clicked over 100,000 times.