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IT panel Q&A roundup: remote working during COVID-19

2020 is a year that nobody is going to forget, and future generations will be learning about life in a post-COVID-19 world.

We’re proud to say that throughout the global pandemic, we have been there to help businesses as much as we can. We’ve done this by opening our support lines to all organisations that require remote working assistance, we’ve offered free services to struggling companies and have even created a Facebook support group for organisations around Yorkshire as a platform to help each other through the crisis.

As part of this group, we called on industry leaders in different sectors to share their experience and advice around business management throughout the pandemic.

virtualDCS took part in a live Q&A panel for the Coronavirus Yorkshire Business Support Group, alongside Nimbox and Biscuit IT. Following on from the panel, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight and condense some of the key points discussed for anyone that missed it:

How beneficial is remote working during COVID-19 and what are the risks?

Remote working during COVID-19

The sudden change to remote working has affected many in different ways – some companies have benefited from remote working, while others have not.


Phill Burke from Biscuit IT discussed how working from home is simple if employees have the right technology in place for remote working during COVID-19. He talked about some of his customers that are considering reducing the size of their offices or possibly even closing them down and working remotely permanently once restrictions ease again. This a question many employers have been debating over the last few months.

Escalated projects

All three of the panelists have witnessed organisations bringing forward transition projects due to the pressures of COVID-19. Years of project planning have been ignored by many IT departments had work actioned in a matter of days, as businesses scrambled to drive digital innovation through the business.


Once employees have transitioned to remote working, the organisation needs to consider any additional security implications. There has been a significant increase in hackers and Ransomware attacks since COVID-19, as criminals take advantage of people’s doubts and fears. User training and a strong backup solution is required to ensure data protection from Phishing. The panel covered various technologies including Veeam Cloud Connect, Nimbox Vault, and CloudCover 365.

Continuing to support our customers

We’ve always had a positive relationship with our customers and resellers, which has only strengthened during the pandemic. virtualDCS will continue to put its customers first, whether it’s through honest impartial advice, extended trials, bringing leading solutions to the marketplace.

Remote working during COVID-19 is just one of the topics discussed on the IT panel. If you want to watch the full Q&A click  below:

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