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Do you know where your cloud backups are stored?

For an IT manager, a comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution involves successfully orchestrating a number of elements, however, one valuable piece often overlooked is storage location.

Even though your information is stored in the cloud, data and backups still need to be stored on a platform, in a physical location. With the cloud industry becoming increasingly competitive, some vendors may be tempted to cut costs to gain customers… but where are these costs savings coming from? Service? Hardware? Location?

Vendor trust

cloud backup

It’s not just a case of buy cheap, buy twice. Knowing where your data (and often your client’s data) is stored, both in regards to backups and live information, is incredibly important.

There’s no point protecting your information through cloud backups, with two-factor authentication and a comprehensive firewall when your managed service provider is storing all of your backups on a platform in a storage cupboard.

One of the first things to consider around the location is the physical accessibility of the backups. Where are they stored?

A highly secure data centre with 24-hour security and fingerprint protection, or a cupboard in the back of an office, next to the vacuum cleaner?  Vendor research is incredibly important.

Mother nature

Another factor that you need to consider around the location is mother nature. Are your backups stored in a data centre location with a very high flood risk level? What happens if your live data and backups end up water damaged?

Location research can prevent a host of issues and as the cloud industry becomes increasingly competitive, it’s even more important to check the location of your data.

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