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Lack of cloud strategy for UK councils

Lack of cloud strategy for UK councils

Although almost three-quarters of the major councils in the UK state that they use cloud technology for data storage, a recent Eduserv study discovered that over 50% have not formulated any cloud strategy.

The participants in this study were from the top 100 councils in the UK. Within these responses, 44% of participants said that they did not have any IT strategy or policy in place. Out of the 44% polled, only 15% said they were considering implementing a cloud policy.

Cloud strategySurprisingly, 27% of councils which participated said they could not provide a breakdown of where their data was stored. 63% of councils say that they have over two on-premise data centres, with a third of councils using no external data centres at all. 93% of participants hold the majority of their data on site.
“As cloud use becomes more ubiquitous, local authorities cannot afford not to have plans to ensure that it is used safely and with controls in place to ensure data is managed in a way which reduces risk. From a strategic perspective, the prevalence of on-premise IT shows that the majority of councils are still poorly positioned to exploit digital change in a way which generates both service and financial benefit,” commented Jos Crees, Principal analyst at Eduserv.

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