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An IT manager needs to be a master of all trades

Working with the cloud experts, I’ve seen from experience that IT managers are not just technology facilitators and the IT department doesn’t just deliver a solution.

In many cases, IT departments now have to act as a business themselves. They have to utilise technology to keep up with competition, continually assess the market and deliver excellent customer service, all while researching, testing and implementing new technologies. The department head also has to maintain happy employees and make sure shareholders are content.

This list is in no way all-encompassing, just ask any stressed out department head around and I’m sure they’ll give you some more examples, but the list alone included elements of marketing, sales, research, development and human resources.

cloud it manager

In many organisations, the IT department is actually acting as the centre of the business, impacting every aspect of it and implementing changes. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to service providers.

So with all this responsibility in mind, when given the opportunity, it’s no wonder that managers are migrating towards cloud computing technology and outsourcing services. With this one change, the business then alleviates the requirement to consistently purchase and maintain its equipment in-house, but they also outsource some of the IT manager’s responsibility.

The cloud frees up time for the department to improve its productivity and to focus on its core activities.

Running a successful IT department, especially for service providers, is all about being at the forefront of technology – testing, bending, breaking and shaping the way technology is used. However, the old saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ still applies and I’ve seen first-hand how cloud technology gives IT managers the opportunity to outsource some of their responsibility and become a master in their chosen field.

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