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Medical Cloud Computing is vital to cancer research

Medical Cloud Computing is vital to cancer research

Cloud Computing technology is clearly reshaping the way that organisations complete business tasks, but nobody really speaks about the influence that cloud technology has within the medical field.

Canada is leading the way with medical cloud computing and this form of cancer research. They are investing in a cloud biotech infrastructure worth over $6.6 million USD. The infrastructure is designed to analyse masses of genetic data that could bring the world closer to a cure for the disease.

Medical cloud computingThe official name for the project is the ‘Cancer Genome Collaboratory’. The cloud facility will analyse data from over 500 patients with specific types of cancer, researchers believe that the project will advance the knowledge that doctors have, giving them the tools and the analytics to provide innovative treatments.

Dr. Lincoln Stein from the University of Toronto’s Department of Molecular Genetics has said: “There has been no viable long-term plan for storing the raw sequencing data in a form that can be easily accessed by the research community. The Cancer Genome Collaboratory will open this incredibly important data set to researchers from laboratories large and small.”

The ‘Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre’ has also just announced that they will be appointing Matthew Trunnell into their staff as CIO, where Trunnell has mentioned that he will help to make the transition into the cloud for the centre.