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Modern business struggles without the cloud

Modern business struggles without the cloud

Thanks to advances in cloud computing, businesses have been able to take advantage of technology like never before. It’s no lie that businesses are now dependant on the cloud and there are certain areas that modern businesses would struggle to maintain without it. We’ve explored three of these areas, below.

The cloud - Remote workingRemote working

Through the cloud, employees are no longer required to be in the office consistently, instead they can log in and access information anywhere in the world via an internet connection. Any employees that have difficulty travelling to the office (e.g issues such as traffic jams, accidents or car trouble), can still remain productive at home. Without the Cloud, their working day would be void.

Through services such as conference software, voIP and IM, employees working off-site have no issue contacting other staff members, ensuring that productivity and communication remains high.

Save on storage

The cloud provides an elasticity that was otherwise unavailable to businesses, previously, organisations would have had to devote space to store their data, while also future proofing for any further growth. Through the cloud, organisations can upgrade or downgrade resources as required so they reduce both capital expenditure and space.


Through cloud computing and software as a service technology, businesses can manage their accounts internally through software such as Xero and Microsoft Accounts. Private financial information can be logged and tracked through the cloud, anywhere at any time.