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MSpy hacked and data stolen

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MSpy hacked and data stolen

Mspy – a company that provides software that enables people to spy on the activity of others has been hacked. 

Thousands of customer records are now available online. The mSpy software is targeted at parents who are worried about what their children are doing online, however the software is also used for more ethically questionable purposes, such as spying on partners or monitoring unaware employees.

mspyThis comes a day after the company denied that it had been hacked. The organisation has admitted to BBC news that it was aware of a breach and is currently trying to discover where the hackers are based after the information has been stored on the ‘dark web’.

This is an area of the internet that cannot be reached by traditional search engines, with software that enables users to mask their identity.

So far it is estimated that around 80,000 customers have been affected.

Amelie Ross, spokesperson for the organisation commented to BBC News:

“Much to our regret, we must inform you that data leakage has actually taken place, however, the scope and format of the aforesaid information is way too exaggerated.”

“Naturally, we have communicated with our customers whose data could have been stolen, and described to them the situation. We put in place all the necessary remedial measures and continue to work on mechanism of data encryption,” she added.

The information commissioner’s office has advised customers to contact mSpy if they are concerned that their data may have been leaked.

This incident has not only brought to light the security element of the data, but also the ethics of the software itself.