Netflix is gearing up to close its final datacentre as the company aims to move more of its IT infrastructure over to public clouds.

public clouds“For our streaming business, we’ve been 100% cloud-based for customer-facing systems for some time now, and are planning to completely retire our datacentres later this summer,” Netflix has announced.
The organisation has been shrinking the size of its datacentre footprint over the last seven years.

The company then continued to say that it is fully reliant on Amazon Web Service’s pubic cloud to deliver its offering, however it does use a mix of Software as a Service technology elsewhere in its business, particularly within their Human Resources departments.

Migrating to the cloud has provided Netflix with the ability to adapt to the new surge of subscribers that the company has recently experienced. Amazon web services hold Netflix as an example of an organisation that has gone ‘all-in’ with the cloud and that they believe more organisations will follow.

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