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New hacking report released

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New hacking report released

A new hacking report from FireEye suggests that hackers are becoming increasingly smarter in the ways they are accessing IT systems.

There is an increased trend in cyber-attackers using impersonation and social engineering to access information from employees.

In the last year alone, large organisations such as Target and Sony have been struck by separate attacks, costing the businesses millions through the theft of both customer and employee information. Data stolen included highly confidential customer information such as birthdays, addresses and credit card information.

The FireEye report continues to suggest that a common thread in these breaches is a lack of basic security structures, with few companies using two-factor authentication. Without this authentication, a hacker only needs to steal one credential (typically the password) to access their desired system. This can be stolen through something as simple as a phishing email. For more information on two factor authentication, read our recent blog.

The report details a diagram of the new techniques that hackers are utilising.

hacking report data

Another trend highlighted by the report is that as cyberattacks are increasing in complexity, businesses do not always have the security expertise to detect and manage breaches, with many turning to external specialists.

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