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New Windows 10 predictions

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New Windows 10 predictions

According to a report carried out by the IT professional networking company Spiceworks, a huge 73% of European and American companies plan to be using Windows 10 within the first two years of its release.

In the report, it is estimated that 5% will be using Windows 10 on the day of release, 35% are going to be using Windows 10 within the first year of release and a further 33% will be using it within the first 2 years of release. It is still unclear on whether Microsoft’s “free upgrade” service may be behind this corporate confidence in the new operating system, as the high degree of demand is quite unusual for the release of an operating system.

Windows 10This all comes as good news to Microsoft as they were previously criticised for announcing the new system too early due to a large amount of company’s late transformation to Windows 8 or 8.1.

The Spiceworks report also states that companies in the conducted research were questioned on how they intend to use Windows 10 upon installation, along with how they intend to install it. The most surprising revelation was that 83% of businesses plan to place it on desktop machines. Analyst group Gartner have described the desktop market as struggling, however as a result of this revelation it may help justify some of the design decisions Microsoft has made to Windows 10 which include a more mouse-based interface.

50% of users intend to use the system on tablets justifying options such as “tablet mode” user interface. A 31% interest in mobile phone devices is encouraging news for Redmond, as organisations haven’t really accepted the use of Windows Phone 8.

The return of the Start Button appears to have “most enticed” Windows 10 users as 64% of them have stated this, followed by 55% persuaded by the aspect of it being a free upgrade. Windows 10 looks like it could be just what the company needs in terms of success.