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Ofcom research: do you give away your personal information?

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Ofcom research: do you give away your personal information?

The results of Ofcom’s latest technology survey have now been published online. 1,890 participants over the age of 16 took part.

According to Ofcom, just under 70% of internet users in a recent survey, stated that they’re perfectly happy to give away their personal information online. Only one in five of these UK participants said that they would never use their credit card online.

OfcomExamples of information that participants were happy to give away included mobile phone numbers and email addresses as they believe that providing this information to a supplier would benefit them in some way. E.g. text alerts or two factor authentication.

Trends also showed that internet usage has now doubled in just under 10 years, with usage of 16-24 tripling from 10 hours and 24 minutes a week to 27 hours and 36 minutes a week, which has been driven by the integration of smart phones and tablets into every-day life.

Compared to 2005, there has been a 27% increase, and close to 9/10 adults going online from remote locations. There has also been an increase in 65-74 year olds going online remotely, an increase from 56% to 70%. Of these internet users, 70% have a social media profile, compared to 22% in 2007.