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Cloud computing technology: Always connected

Cloud computing technology: Always connected

Thanks to Cloud Computing, on average there are now 7.4 internet devices in each British home, and four out of ten of these households have purchased a tablet in the last year.

A recent YouGov survey of over 2,000 customers found that smartphones were the most common of all internet-enabled devices at 1.7 per household, followed by laptops and tablets.

cloud computingThis drive towards increasing availability and internet access is thought to be influenced by cloud computing technology, as more individuals are capable of accessing their software and data anywhere they have an internet connection. Common examples of popular cloud applications include Facebook, Gmail and YouTube.

51% of people said that finance and banking was the area of their lives that would be affected the most without access to mobile phones or the internet. The ability to keep up with current events was followed by 42%, shopping came third at 38%, closely followed by maintaining relationships with friends and family at 37%.

When discussing pricing tiers for each of these services, the ‘average web-connected Briton’ is happy to pay a maximum fee of £1.53 for their email service, £1.10 to access video content, £1.33 to use search engines and 88p to access social media. Despite the possibility of saving money, participants would only pay around 52p to access price comparison websites.