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It is more important than ever to back up Microsoft Teams. Here’s why.

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way that many of us work. With workplaces closing their doors during lockdown, many previously office-based employees had to quickly move online to work remotely from home or in a hybrid role. And while it certainly isn’t right to talk about ‘winners’ from such…
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Why having a single data backup location is never enough

Last month, disaster struck at one of the world’s largest hosting providers. A fire at OVH’s Strasbourg site destroyed one of their data centres and badly damaged two others. The fire was serious enough that a number of their clients lost data. In some cases, that data loss was total. The simple lesson of the…
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Why outsourcing disaster recovery is more cost effective than moving it in-house

Times are tough. Across every economy and every sector, businesses are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of size, from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs, the pressure is increasing on businesses to tighten their belts. So where are companies making the cuts? Unfortunately, IT is one of the areas where many companies are trying…
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Why your data security needs to be more than a tick in a box

It is the kind of nightmare scenario that keeps IT managers up at night. A major Ransomware attack has completely disabled your systems. All of your business critical data and systems have been encrypted. Your company grinds to a halt and you can’t operate until the data has been restored. In the meantime, you still…
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Companies are losing business by using traditional phones

It’s time to optimise your calls for remote working. Remote working presents us with many new challenges. One of the toughest is finding the best way to communicate, both internally and externally. With more of us working remotely, getting hold of people can be difficult. Often, the number we have for a contact is a…
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Why the need for effective data security in healthcare is now critical

It’s hard to imagine another time when effective data security in healthcare has been so important. The positive news around a working COVID-19 vaccine has been tempered by fears of security breaches and cyber-attacks on the very healthcare organisations who are researching the vaccines and running the immunisation programmes. Healthcare organisations are particularly vulnerable to…
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Lockdown 2.0: Remote working and the importance of backing up Microsoft 365

Another month, another lockdown. With any luck, Lockdown 2.0 will be considerably shorter and more effective than the first one. But however long it lasts, the latest Coronavirus restrictions are still having a dramatic and far-reaching impact on the way we all work and run our businesses. The most significant consequence of the lockdowns we’ve…
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