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Microsoft Teams vs Zoom: Which application is best for business?

The Microsoft Teams vs Zoom controversy has never been more prevalent. Video conferencing was popular before the COVID-19 crisis. But it has now, undoubtedly, reached new heights as both businesses and families shift to video calls. As two of the most talked-about applications on the market there is much debate around which one is best…
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There’s never been a more important time to backup Microsoft Office 365

Businesses worldwide are being forced to re-evaluate how they’re working in-line with new COVID-19 lock-down restrictions, but why should organisations backup Microsoft Office 365? Many organisations have had to close their doors and Furlough workers, leaving the lucky ones to explore remote working in this time of crisis. The cloud has never played a more…
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Remote Working guide: How to send a Remote Assistance Invitation

With the current Coronavirus crisis, it’s more important than ever before to stay connected. If you know someone who is experiencing issues on their Microsoft Windows 10 system, or you would just like to show them how to do something, like setting up Skype calls, then remote assistance is ideal. Applications such as WinVNC or LogMeIn…
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Cybersecurity Crisis Management: Business Continuity, Remote Working & Disaster Recovery during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’ve talked a lot about viruses before, in relation to malware and ransomware. But we think this is the first time that a biological virus has had such wide-reaching technological impacts. You may have spent the last week or two rapidly transitioning your business online and setting up your whole workforce (where possible) to work…
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Could the cloud relieve the impact of the Coronavirus?

There are many disruptive sides to the Coronavirus spreading globally – personally, professionally and economically, but throughout the crisis what we’re seeing is that the cloud is significantly reducing its impact – from enabling data to be shared instantly between health care professionals to holding virtual classrooms online. The rush for cloud-first IT In recent…
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Email Sandboxing isn’t enough to secure data against a Phishing attack

In the on-going data security war our support team is in the front line, helping many new businesses recover from, and prevent security breaches, including Phishing attacks. We’ve put this blog together as we feel that it is our responsibility to spread awareness of these evolving attacks, in addition to the proactive and reactive methods…
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How to assess your cyber security risk & make improvements

A new report published recently in InformationWeek looks at how enterprises are attacking the issue of cyber security. The report, compiled by Dark Reading and sponsored by ServiceNow, details the top cyber security risks, and the measures currently being used by enterprises to fight these risks, as well as those advised by security experts. ‘How…
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