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iTunes Connect, connects too many people

If you’ve not heard of Connect before, iTunes Connect lets developers upload new apps to the App store and track sales and income of existing applications. Yesterday, there was an error with the service, which resulted in many developers being unintentionally logged in to the wrong account, threatening the stability and privacy of all businesses…
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Cloud Computing vs Snow

When anyone says, “It’s snowing!” IT managers and directors often shudder. It is estimated that severe snow could cost the UK economy around £1,200,000,000 each day. With cancelled public transport and road accidents, many employees struggle to travel to work, and half of managers see the weather as a threat to their business. Thanks to…
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Facebook struck by latest social network outage

On Tuesday 27th January, Facebook suffered a worldwide outage. For around 40 minutes the website was completely inaccessible, disrupting the websites 1.3 billion users. Individuals were also reporting issues while using Instagram (which has a further 300 million users) and the dating application Tinder. Initially credit was given to the Hacker group Lizard Squad, when they posted…
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SaaS: Are Software companies taking over the World?

A blog by Richard May Being a bit of a Sci-Fi fan, I just want to plant a few images in your head before getting on to the techie stuff. In Doctor Who and ‘Rise of the Cybermen’ everyone was buying the same mobile ear piece, which ended up with the populous being controlled. ‘Gamer’,…
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Simple steps to protect your data

From Dropbox, to Facebook, to eBay, criminals are after your data and will do just about anything to get it. You can make their job harder by following these simple steps to protect your data. Pick a decent password! Top 25 worst passwords of 2014 have been now been released, and I’m sure you’ll be…
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Why should I use Software as a Service?

There are a vast number of reasons for businesses to use software as a service technology, these benefits also depend on the software itself. To narrow it down for this short blog, we’ve chosen to discuss the benefits of using a cloud CRM (customer relationship management) solution. Reduce costs Providers typically allow customers to pay…
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Cloud Computing predictions for 2015

As 2014 has come to an end and we all embrace the New Year, we naturally see business leaders putting forth cloud computing predictions for 2015.  We’ve condensed the top three predictions, for your ease of reading! SaaS will soar Hundreds of people are using software as a service on a daily basis, without even realising…
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