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How to extend Disk Space on a Server

A blog by Matthew Sharpe. You sometimes need to extend your VM’s disk space – this can be done in a matter of minutes, with no server downtime, as long as you take the correct precautions e.g. snapshots. The instructions below demonstrate the easiest and safest way to extend Disk Space on a Server for a Windows Server 2008…
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Terminal Services Printing issue

This FAQ guide solves the two most common terminal services printing issues, these are when: The printer doesn’t respond or print The printer just prints random characters Step one: The first step is to check the driver on your local computer, you can do this by going to the ‘devices and printers’ setting, if you don’t…
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virtualDCS mentor Leeds Trinity University students

virtualDCS Marketing Executive, Nikki Towler is now officially a student mentor for Leeds Trinity University. I’m proud to say that virtualDCS likes to give back to the community, which is why we actively support local charities, businesses, schools and universities. For example, in order to both boost the economy and help grow our business, we…
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The true cost of Cloud Computing downtime

With a number of businesses migrating to the Cloud each day, service providers are being placed under more and more pressure to provide a highly available and secure service. Even just a few minutes of downtime on a platform can cost a business a staggering amount. Over the last five years, worldwide, there has been…
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Movember time again

After a successful Movember last year, the men at virtualDCS decided to hang up their razors for another November, and walk proudly with their moustaches in the air in order to raise awareness of men’s health.  Since Movember was founded the incentive has funded over 577 projects in 21 countries, with a focus on men’s…
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Bring Your Own device, should we slow down to catch up?

Cloud Computing has brought a whole new dynamic to I.T. for both personal and professional use worldwide, increasing both flexibility and convenience for those wishing to stay connected. This constant connectivity has contributed to a blurring of personal and professional boundaries, with more employees pursuing the advantages of using their own devices in the work…
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Private Clouds vs. Public Clouds

For businesses researching Cloud migration options, the battle between choosing to use either a Public or Private Clouds is a never-ending one.  For some, the idea of transferring workloads to the Cloud can be confusing and a little ‘foggy’, especially when Cloud Computing vendors categorise offerings under different Cloud related or ‘-as-a-Service’ categories. This blog…
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