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Protecting your business against Cyber crime

Protecting your business against Cyber crime

Cyber crime is an increasing threat and concern for business owners.

Large scale hackings on organisations such as Sony, Microsoft and the US Government have been all over the news, but cyber crime damages companies of all shapes and sizes.

This blog contains advice on how your business can lower the risk of being hacked and how to beat the threat of cyber security.

Keep your systems updated

Cyber crimeMaintaining your system is the first step to protecting your information. The biggest issues are often caused by insecure and unmaintained systems. If vendors (such as Microsoft) find a flaw they will release an update before it becomes a major business issue, so if you don’t update your systems, your business will always be more vulnerable than others. Nearly 90% of security issues are caused by not updating a patch when released.

Plan for an incident

One of the most common things that organisations fail to do is to prepare for a disaster. It might seem pessimistic, but having a plan in place can reduce the damage of an attack if one occurs. What happens if your data gets stolen? Do you have data backed-up? What penalties will your business incur if data is breached? Don’t stick your head in the sand, look into these possibilities before they may occur.

Embrace Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) technology is there to increase both productivity and security. Through Software as a Service, when you rent a software solution and access it online, there is a team of professionals who are there to update and secure the system as part of the service provided. Whether it be Google Apps, Xero or Office 365, patches and upgrades are installed and applied automatically and included as standard.

Educate your users

Often one of the major problems is the use of weak or re-used passwords. This can be easily solved by having a unique user account for users in the system. Use strong passwords and never use the same password for different systems.

It’s also important to help employees detect spam emails so they don’t open files or visit websites that can infect both the PC and business network.

Take notice of the options

Don’t be a company that doesn’t act until it is too late. Take in to consideration the options that are available in order to stop these malicious attacks from destroying your business and its reputation.