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Quiz: How much of a Disaster Recovery Superhero are you?

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Quiz: How much of a Disaster Recovery Superhero are you?

As someone in IT, you need to be a Disaster Recovery Superhero as it’s your duty to protect all in your domain. 

Not only do you have to protect your own internal infrastructure but also your customer’s systems and even their client’s systems! It’s clear you’ve got a lot of things to monitor, protect and resolve each day, but there’s no element more important than data.

Disaster recovery superhero

Like a currency, data makes the business world go around and as the most important business asset, you need to ensure that you can protect and restore both systems and information in a flash.

Without data, businesses wouldn’t be able to access documents, edit them or even send emails. Depending on the company, not being able to access this could lead to an unproductive workforce, financial repercussions and in extreme cases even bankruptcy.

With a number of tools available, there’s always a way for you to save the day. Offering you an arsenal of solutions such as Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Replication, Nimbox and VMWare Replication, we’re more than happy to act as your sidekick, helping you to rescue your systems and customers quicker than ever before.

So with this in mind, how much of a Disaster Recovery superhero are you? What do you have in place for your existing systems?

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You can be the head of your own superhero team working with virtualDCS, so why not take a look at how we can help you patrol and protect your domain? We have a number of Disaster Recovery solutions that can help protect your business data and help you restore your information in minutes.

Simply contact us using the form below or visit our business continuity solutions page for more information.