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#veeamchallenge: Replicating legacy technology

#veeamchallenge: Replicating legacy technology

A Blog by Joe Brain, Support Apprentice at virtualDCS.

In the office this quarter we’ve been celebrating old technology, from the solar-powered calculator to the wonderful Waddington’s Wizard, but we didn’t stop there.

We’ve wanted to combine our love of old technology with one of the world’s leading backup and replication solutions, Veeam Cloud Connect and this is where the virtualDCS technical team were challenged to protect the oldest legacy system we could find.

We are pleased to say that we’ve managed to complete the challenge and replicate MSDOS. Naturally, we couldn’t go back any further than that as it’s one of the oldest Microsoft Operating Systems.

The hardest part about replicating the system was finding a copy of it in the first place! After that, everything was straightforward since Veeam doesn’t differentiate between operating systems, there are no special requirements for replicating MSDOS, which means any operating system can be replicated.

In a real world scenario, if someone has to keep a specific application running that can only be deployed on MSDOS, the programme would still require replicating in order to protect its enclosed data. Using Veeam, this doesn’t have to be a concern.

The process

To protect our customer privacy we decided to upload some screenshots of the process instead of a video demonstration as we have done previously, however if you’d like to see a demo we’re more than happy to accommodate if you get in touch with the team.





Since the setup is the same as other replications we didn’t set it to repeat.


Here the replication is in progress with no errors occurring.


The replication has completed successfully and is working correctly.


For more information on our legacy challenge or our Veeam Cloud Connect suite, please follow the links or contact virtualDCS on 03453 888 327 or by emailing sales@virtualDCS.co.uk.