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Research proves that the speed of the Cloud is no issue

Research proves that the speed of the Cloud is no issue

Cloud computing can be as fast as conventional hosting environments, according to recent research which speed tested a VMWare cloud platform hosted by Leeds-based company virtualDCS.

Carried out by Manchester digital consultancy Intechnica, the research examined the speed of the cloud. By monitoring the performance of an open-source ecommerce ‘cloud’ application when run across four different infrastructures: Windows Azure, Amazon EC2, VMWare and, most importantly, a physical server.

In the tests, Microsoft Azure and virtualDCS’s VMWare public cloud both performed well, whilst Amazon EC2 performed the least well of the four environments.

Richard May, director at virtualDCS, said: “The research vindicates what advocates of the cloud have known for a long time which is that cloud hosting can be even faster than conventional hosting options. The research provides compelling evidence of the growing potential of cloud computing as an enterprise solution.

“The VMWare platform we created for this test was exactly the same as we can offer our customers. It shows that the time we spend designing and planning our platforms delivers tangible and robust performance benefits.”

Intechnica has released a White Paper entitled How Fast is the Cloud? in which the consultancy makes recommendations to businesses considering the cloud.

The White Paper also highlighted that, when total cost of ownership was considered alongside good performance, cloud was the most competitive infrastructure option for IT departments looking to make key upgrades and changes.

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