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Software as a Service in the Human Resource department

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Software as a Service in the Human Resource department

Software as a Service (SaaS) technology is enabling Human Resource departments and organisations to be strategic and productive with the way they work, with some studies suggesting that all sectors will be accessing cloud based applications by 2020. The fact that organisations are migrating towards the cloud doesn’t necessarily mean that users understand the benefits.

So, what benefits can be received from using the cloud?


SaaSOne of the major benefits of cloud computing and Software as a Service technology is being able to access software on the move, through the internet. Time is money and employees can now work from anywhere, at any time should they need to. Departments not migrating to a cloud based system run the risk of falling behind other organisations and departments.


If your company has more than one office location it may be difficult to avoid irregularities in how departments work. Through cloud computing, employees have access to the same system and information at the same time. This reduces human error and provides stability in different environments and cultures.

Automatic updates

Human Resources is a department with very tight regulations, so if the team is working from an online portal, this means regular system updates must be completed. The cloud allows all patches and updates to be done automatically by the cloud vendor, limiting downtime and employee involvement.

If you’d like to speak to someone about migrating to the cloud, or have your own software you would like to host, please contact a member of the virtualDCS team.