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Should you be using the Cloud?

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Should you be using the Cloud?

Leeds cloud computing provider virtualDCS, is often asked the question ‘HOW do I know if I need cloud computing? To answer this question, we ask a few questions in return.

While cloud-based technologies are growing in popularity for SME’s, some organisations still haven’t migrated to the cloud.  Most SMEs don’t have the finances to be able to employ a full time IT manager to maintain the systems, so cloud computing eliminates this issue. By partnering with a cloud provider, a company has access to a range of resources that were previously unavailable.

leeds cloud computingAre you ready for disaster?

Any company, large or small needs to be prepared for the worst scenario and cloud computing technology is often the best way to prepare for this. Cloud providers can offer Disaster Recovery as a Service ( DRaaS ) solutions that create automatic backups, so your organisation can rest in the knowledge that you have automatic, regular recovery points of all company and client data.

Are you being productive?

As an organisation if you spend more time travelling to meetings than working then cloud computing is for you. Through the power of the cloud you can access your information on the move via an internet portal. Connectivity with employees within your organisation is also improved, through online messaging systems and project management tools and means fewer in-person meetings.

Can you find and share the documents you need?

Cloud based storage enables an organisation to create file structures and systems for vital company information. Files such as HR forms, timesheets and contracts are easily accessed by relevant parties. You can also access these documents on the move.

Cloud computing also enables employees to securely share information to each other, through file sharing applications such as Nimbox.

Leeds cloud computing provider, virtualDCS was formed in 2008. As the world’s first VMware Enterprise Service Provider virtualDCS has truly pioneered the development of the Cloud Computing industry, for over a decade. As one of the first companies dedicated to Cloud services in the world, businesses can be confident that they will receive amongst the finest solutions.