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Silent Circle ‘Privacy first’ phone revamp

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Silent Circle ‘Privacy first’ phone revamp

The security firm Silent Circle has revamped its smartphone application that helps people to manage their personal data.

silent circleThe Blackphone 2 adds software to the basic android operating system, enabling users to customise what each application, service and website they use can know about them.

The phone is currently on the market for £525 ($799) and is aimed at businesses which are keen to oversee the information that employees expose on their work devices.
“At the moment it’s often about accepting everything or denying all the app permission requests,” said David Puron, head of engineering at Silent Circle. “We wanted it to be more fine-grained than that.”

The phone lets users create separate ‘virtual spaces’ where they can set up different permissions for applications depending on how they are using the phone for work or personal reasons. The phone also enables encryption by default, which can be wiped remotely. Silent circle has also committed to fixing bugs and update issues within 72 hours of discovery.

The next version of Android is expected to introduce some of the features in the Blackphone 2 to mainstream handsets.

“The industry is moving in the right direction and is incorporating the permission controls which is something we have done for 18 months,” he said. “It’s a good sign that these technologies are being progressively adopted.”