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Simple SaaS Security tips – Software as a Service

Simple SaaS Security tips – Software as a Service

The majority of companies today are using Software as a Service ( SaaS ) solutions, even if they are unaware of it.

Online CRM systems, sharing software and online accountancy packages are just a few examples of how this technology is being used. Naturally, as more people are choosing to utilise the cloud there are those that are concerned about the security of this technology.

SaaS SecurityThe biggest tip that we can advise for protecting your data is to partner with a reliable cloud provider and to ask lots of questions. Where is the data being held? Who has access to my data?

Here are a few additional tips to help employees ensure the security of their data when using SaaS solutions.

  • Protect your passwords

Lose your password and you lose your data. Hackers thrive on weak passwords and user error, to protect your data in the cloud, as with any other technology, the best way to ensure your privacy is to use complex passwords.

Don’t write down your password or user name unless you have to, and even then destroy it. You should always use strong password reminders that are not easily guessed, for example ‘What company do I work for?’ to a hacker, is easily solved, where ‘What’s my favourite line from my favourite song?’ would prove difficult.

  • Utilise two factor authentication

Two factor authentication is your friend and if you have the option of using it, there is no reason not to. With two factor authentication you have two ways of providing your identity. For example, you have a code sent to your mobile phone or email address which you then have to enter before you can access any account information. Two factor authentication provides a second layer of defence against hackers.

To learn more about two factor authentication (2FA) read our blog post here: Two factor authentication.

  • Give the correct permissions

There are four employees using an online accounts package, two of the employees are in charge of paying invoices to suppliers and the other two are chasing up overdue invoices. They have two different jobs, so would they need the same permissions? Do they all need to be administrators?

If one account is hacked with administrative privileges then all of the accounts information can be accessed. If only one of them needs administrative privileges then you’ve only got a 25% chance of an administrator being hacked. It is important to set the correct permissions to make sure that your information is protected as much as possible.

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