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HP states smartwatches are susceptible to hacking

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HP states smartwatches are susceptible to hacking

The company tested 10 smartwatches for numerous security features, including password protection and data encryption. Security faults were found in all watches.

smartwatchesThe company had tested 10 of the most popular smartwatches, where it found that:

  • Only half of the watches had a lock function – meaning that in 50% of cases, you don’t have to be the owner of the watch to access data on it.
  • A third of the watches allowed unlimited login attempts.
  • 90% of the watches sent unencrypted data

HP decided not to reveal which watches had been tested, but has announced that it is working with manufacturers on the issues.

“It appears that manufacturers of these devices (including market leaders) have not seriously considered or addressed the privacy implications of wearing their products,” commented security firm Symantec in its blog.

There are a few basic security precautions to help prevent exposing personal information. It’s vital that you have a lock screen or password to prevent unauthorised access, while also avoiding using the same username and password between different devices and websites.