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SMEs and Cloud Adoption

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SMEs and Cloud Adoption

Recent survey results show that small businesses are happy with a hybrid ‘best of both worlds’ approach; embracing new cloud and Disaster Recovery technologies, whilst also relying on older tried and tested methods.

Interviewing 509 small business owners in the US, Brother and Wakefield Research SME cloud adoptionfound that although businesses were happy to utilise cloud and disaster recovery tools like Dropbox, 58% of employees still had to be in the office to complete their regular work tasks.

This hybrid approach enables small businesses to be productive, whilst also driving the business forward.  In the upcoming years, participants stated that their IT budgets would prioritise the following:

  • 21% of businesses plan to invest the biggest portion of their IT budget in cloud based file, sync and share solutions.
  • Security remains one of the highest priorities for business owners, with 30% of respondents stating that this would be dedicated the largest portion of their budget.
  • 28% of those surveyed are planning on investing the largest portion of their IT budget on remote solutions.

Easing the transition into the cloud

It’s clear that cloud computing is immerging into our daily lives at a rapid pace, but in order to ensure value, businesses need to identify which areas would benefit from cloud technology the most.

Industry professionals recommend seeking advice from a reliable and experienced cloud provider or introducing the cloud into the business on a small scale, in order to get used to the basic architecture before scaling up. There are also many Software as a Service solutions available on the market today that could fulfil business requirements, with minimum responsibility.

It’s also vital to keep the future needs of your business in mind. Obviously, you can’t mind read or predict the future but by making a few alterations you could avoid having to restructure your solutions further down the line.

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