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Spam emails at 12 year low

Spam emails at 12 year low

According to the security firm Symantec, people are now receiving fewer spam emails than they ever have over the last 12 years.

The report stated that less than 50% of emails scanned throughout June were junk emails, which is the lowest percentage that it been reported in over a decade. Spammers in China and Eastern Europe are still relying on emails to tempt individuals into purchasing counterfeit goods.

spam emailUnfortunately, Symantec has said that the fall in spam has been offset by the volume of malware that is being created, as thieves are looking into other ways to make money from individuals online.

Former popular scams such as phishing for passwords through email attacks also saw a decline in June. However, Ransomware threats have increased, with Symantec monitoring systems catching around 500,000 attacks in June alone.

“We are in a constant arms race, with spammers continually coming up with new techniques that we have to deal with, and it would be hubris to declare victory.” Commented Andrew Conway, a research analyst at the company Cloudmark.

Despite this, there have been several successful law enforcement operations that have led to steep declines in some spam. In the last 12 months the UK police forces have taken down seven separate botnets, many of which were delivering spam to victims. Action by the US Federal Trade commission against one spammer also resulted in a massive 80% drop in junk mail selling diet pills.