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Surprising facts about online security

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Surprising facts about online security

It is safe to say that our lives, both personal and professional now revolve around the internet and the more we take advantage of its benefits, the more we risk becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Heimdal Security has released a new infographic as part of a wider investigation into how to protect yourself against online threats. The infographic brought some surprising findings to light, some of which include:

The cost of security

online securityAccording to the infographic, the most expensive computer virus of all time was MyDoom, which was predominantly active in 2014. The virus caused around $38.5 Billion USD damage to the individuals affected.

The virus initially spread through a file sharing program called Kazaa, where it then installed itself into a Windows System folder. It was a difficult virus to avoid for most as, in its peak, it was suspected that MyDoom infected 1 in every 41 email messages. This accounts for 25% of worldwide email traffic in 2014.

Social media influence

In modern society, social media has become a huge target for hackers. Accounts hold a wealth of information and data that when accessed can often be used to hack into bank accounts and steal other valuable information. In reality, by targeting social media accounts a skilled hacker could steal your identity with ease. It is estimated that 600,000 Facebook accounts are compromised each day alone.


The company goes on to claim that in 2015, 99% of computers are currently vulnerable to attacks, simply because they use an out of data form of software. Typically Oracle Java, Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash are the most vulnerable as weaknesses can be used and targeted by hackers to launch attacks.

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