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Teenager sentenced over Spamhaus web attack

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Teenager sentenced over Spamhaus web attack

A British teenager has been sentenced for taking part in the ‘biggest cyber-attack in history’.

The attack on anti-junk mail group Spamhaus in 2013 slowed the internet around the world. Spamhaus tracks the sources of junk mail messages in order to help law enforcement organisations network administrators to block spam senders.

SpamhausSeth Nolan Mcdonagh, who uses the hacker alias ‘narko’ was described as a hacker for hire and was sentenced to 240 hours of community service for his involvement in the attack. He pleaded guilty to five charges but since he was under the age of 18, details could not be reported.

Seth took part in a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, where hackers bombard servers with endless requests for data that they can no longer cope and the system crashes.

The volume of traffic initiated by the hackers caused internet traffic issues internationally, particularly for the London Internet Exchange which helps data move from one network to another.

Evidence presented revealed that his criminal activity started at the age of 13, with the source code used in the attacks discovered on machines in his London home. The trial also uncovered an attempted hack on the BBC in 2013, along with a list of 1,000 credit card numbers.