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The Cloud Computing recruitment boom

The Cloud Computing recruitment boom

Since the creation of the first virtual infrastructure, the world has become increasingly dependent on the advantages and connectivity that the ‘Cloud’ provides. This has led to the Cloud Computing recruitment boom.

Cloud Computing recruitmentFrom individual users, to multi-million pound businesses, the Cloud is interwoven into our everyday lives.

The need for this constant accessibility and convenience is a key growth catalyst, with Cloud providers consistently investing in new ways to move the industry further forward, with the ultimate goal of providing consumers with facilities that they didn’t even know they needed.

With 2012/13 being defined as the ‘year of the Cloud’ across many forums, there is little wonder that the customer’s requirement for new Cloud solutions is fuelling a recruitment drive for businesses to employ the staff which can convert these expectations into reality and provide the next big thing.

A recently released European Commission press release talks of “unleashing the potential of Cloud Computing in Europe” and outlines actions to deliver a net gain of 2.5 million new European jobs, and an annual boost of EUR 160 billion to EU GDP (around 1%), by 2020.

The same press release also quotes Vice-President Viviane Reding, stating: “Europe needs to think big. The Cloud strategy will enhance trust in innovative computing solutions and boost a competitive digital single market where Europeans feel safe.”

As the Cloud heads into maturity, business I.T. decision makers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the concept and are therefore choosing to migrate more of their resources virtually, so much so that 90% of data in the world today has been created over the last two years. This big data boom shows no signs of slowing down and Gartner has recently announced that total I.T. spending is expected to rise by 3.8% to $3.7 trillion globally and that ‘big data’ will create 4.4 million jobs worldwide.

This requirement is subsequently driving a need for Cloud providers and technology companies to hire more first, second and third line I.T. support staff to manage this customer demand. Cloud Computing architects, sales managers and customer care executives must also be employed to maintain business standards. This has been a noticeable industry change for virtualDCS and once again, their technical support team is recruiting another support engineer to join the company.

However, if both the Cloud Computing industry and providers are growing at such a rapid rate, why is unemployment still at a staggering high? Take the Yorkshire region for example, where unemployment figures in November noted that 247,000 individuals within Yorkshire and the Humber are currently unemployed. Taking this into consideration, could a skills shortage be the underpinning issue?

A recent article on GigaOM Pro suggested that this deficit in skills exists for a number of reasons, including:

  • Cloud technology and implementation has progressed quicker than expected, leaving the skills of businesses and individuals falling behind.
  • A lack of solid Cloud Computing training has been initiated to the market, leaving many individuals to learn through experimenting with new technology.

With competition for the few qualified candidates high between Cloud providers, how could employers mitigate the situation?

At virtualDCS, the company believes in utilising existing skills and developing its employees, which has proven to be successful for the business to date. By employing individuals with similar technology backgrounds the company invests in the employee to develop their skills and shape them into the position.

With the industry showing no signs of slowing down, the drive towards using I.T. services as a utility is becoming more plausible by the day and more individuals must develop their skills, whether individually or through working with an organisation, in order to make the most of the opportunity.

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