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The cloud is redefining data centres

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The cloud is redefining data centres

Cloud Computing has changed the fundamental nature of data centres, IT solutions and the way in which business is done.

The industry is not expected to slow down, and by 2017 the global cloud market is estimated to reach $250 billion as more businesses are migrating to the cloud to seek its advantages. Some of these benefits include increased flexibility, low total cost of ownership and the ability to access data anywhere.

data centresThe demands for cloud computing have not only changed the way that organisations do business, but it also opens the door for new opportunities and approaches for data centres.

Colocation changes

Colocation services have historically been developed around contractual service models which could tie customers to a set solution, including storage space and power usage. Often customer would be tied to paying for extra space they will not use, just to ensure that they have enough room to grow.

Now, thanks to the flexibility that cloud computing provides, colocation itself is beginning to evolve with many providers now enabling businesses to customise and rent the right size solution for their unique business requirements, while upscaling and downscaling where required.

Platform alterations

For many data centre owners, power is the number one cost to the business. The cloud is now enabling improvements in data centre efficiency as its popularity increases. Hardware companies are now being forced to concentrate on cloud platforms that use less power and reduce environmental impact.