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The future of file storage

The future of file storage

Data storage capabilities have been increasing for years, and as we look back we wonder how we ever managed when in 1989 an 8MB Macintosh Portable was top of the range.

According to Asset Bank, a Digital Asset Management company, we’ll be looking back in another 10 years and wondering the same.

Their recent infographic has detailed their predictions on the future of file storage, and there are some interesting points to take away:

  • It is estimated that the global market for cloud computing equipment will reach a total of $79.1 billion by the year 2018
  • Liquid hard drives will be able to store around one terabyte of data in a tablespoon of liquid.
  • The amount of data currently held in the cloud in 2015 is equal to 6,900 trips to the moon.

You can view the full infographic by clicking on the image, below.

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