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The growth of the industry cloud

The growth of the industry cloud

Cloud computing is a well-known blanket term that encompasses technology subcategories including:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Voice as a Service (VaaS), Recovery as a Service (RaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). There are also different blends of cloud computing, including public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds.

To throw another term under the cloud computing banner, ‘industry cloud’ is now being used to describe a cloud within a vertical space that focuses on and provides services to a specific industry, such as education, healthcare or finance.

Tech Pro Research conducted an online survey to find out more about who uses industry cloud services.

The research showed that 38% of the companies participating in the survey were already using industry cloud services, with 19% of them planning to do so within 12 months. Only 20% of participants ruled out the idea of an industry cloud, with the last 23% considering adopting the technology.

Industry cloud computing

The study also showed that small companies were as likely as large companies to use an industry cloud, with 59% of small organisations with under 50 employees planning on adopting one within the next year.

Why are organisations choosing to use industry cloud services? From the chart below Tech Pro Research uncovered that the top three answers were security and data protection, operational cost, and speed and agility.

industry cloud computing

Industry cloud computing is only predicted to grow, Scott Matteson wrote in the research report:

“The road ahead leads to a promising and profitable era for industry cloud services as significant numbers of companies recognize the value they can provide. This is a time for great creative potential thanks to the vertical depth of the industry cloud, and the vendors who will take and retain the lead are those who establish products that are seen as must have offerings to customers due to compelling technological and business benefits.”