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The rejuvenation factor

The rejuvenation factor

Having a new chapter in your life can be such an uplifting element. 

Most of us will make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, get a new job, or maybe even cut back on the booze…

For some, the new chapter could be a new baby or another puppy, but whatever it is the enthusiasm that surrounds that person can be infectious to others.

I’ve watched with great intent how friends of mine recently moved their gym from a small basement to a much larger warehouse premises. The sheer weight of comradery, social media activity and enthusiasm from the members was astounding. The want and need to be part of the action was literally sweeping people along to new heights.

Another friend of mine who owned a software house was getting a little down in the dumps about how the competition could overtake them if they didn’t do something different. We talked and discussed whether changing the model could help. Modernising it to a SaaS one rather than a traditional rack and stack. Less than 4 months later after brainstorming a number of ideas and re-writing it to SaaS, the results were immense.

So having started another business just before the festive season I find myself in that same position. Providing an up rise of enthusiasm and a testosterone kick up the backside that we more often than not need. But, it’s not just about the new business, it’s over flowing into the old as well. Seeing things more clearly, and a fresh look at old habits.

I consider myself to be very lucky, working in the cloud hosting industry I’ve been able to help several software houses do exactly as my friend did, find that new lease of life around their old business. All just from a little chat, and spinning up a couple of virtual machines for them.

So if the old is looking tired, is a complete change the way to rejuvenate it? If you want to chat I’ll buy the coffee.

Peter Bowers – Sales Director at virtualDCS.