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There’s nowt quite like Yorkshire!

There’s nowt quite like Yorkshire!

As we’re the Yorkshire Cloud Computing experts, we secretly think that Yorkshire day should be celebrated 365 days a year.

However, for now we will settle for August 1st, which is officially known as Yorkshire Day.And since it’s Yorkshire day what a better way to celebrate than to acknowledge a few home truths as to what truly makes a Yorkshire man or woman.

To you ‘chuffed’ is an emotion. To a lot of people chuffed doesn’t mean anything however in Yorkshire it is a legitimate emotion and yes, it is in the dictionary.

Yorkshire cloud computing experts

Homemade Yorkshire puddings are the only option – Aunt Bessie’s just won’t do. Homemade Yorkshire puddings are a real test of your Yorkshire roots. If you go frozen, you will be judged.

Yorkshire Tea is the only tea that exists. For Yorkshire men and women this holds as much significance as holy water, for many, it is our blood type. Don’t bother suggesting any other brand as we simply won’t recognise it.

Your accent strengthens when surrounded by fellow Yorkshire folk. In Yorkshire we love our accent, the broader the better, so it’s only natural to take it a step further when united.

Red roses simply don’t exist. Red rose? You mean white.

You’re referred to and refer to others as ‘our lad’ and ‘our lass’. How else could you be possibly be identified?

You’ve fallen a victim to the bread cake/bread roll/tea cake argument. Which I admit has been a topic of conversation within the office multiple times. Relationships have been forever ruined by this argument, so engage at your own risk. You’ve also fallen a victim of the Scone or Scon argument. For the sake of your own well-being, it’s best not to have an opinion. Just eat it.

A Sunday roast isn’t just tradition, it’s mandatory.

You’re scared of the letter T. in Yorkshire this letter is a rarity and is used as little as humanly possible. The rule is- the more you use it, the posher you are!

Lunch can be called dinner and dinner can be called tea. We even confuse ourselves sometimes.

You like a bargain. ‘Ow much?!’ is a phrase which leaves the mouth of a Yorkshire folk whenever they spend the smallest amount of money.  We like a bargain and we ain’t ashamed to admit it.

You bring up Yorkshire as often as you possibly can. Yorkshire pride is something you’re born with. Yorkshire and its many achievements should be brought up at any opportunity.

So whether you are cruising the globe or situated at the heart of the world (Yorkshire), join us and the rest of North, South, West and East Riding of Yorkshire, grab your cups of freshly brewed Yorkshire tea and raise a mug to Yorkshire.

If you’re interested in the cloud, why not talk to a proper Yorkshire company? Give us a call or drop us a line below and we’ll see you right, just tell us you’re from Yorkshire and we’ll do the rest.