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Thomson data breach exposes passengers

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Thomson data breach exposes passengers

A data protection breach by the holiday company Thomson has revealed the home addresses and the flight dates of nearly 500 customers.

Thomson has apologised for the error but has announced that customers won’t be receiving any compensation.

The company’s recent statement said:

“We are aware of an email that was sent in error, which shared a small number of customers’ information.

“The error was identified very quickly and the email was recalled, which was successful in a significant number of cases.

“We would like to apologise to our customers involved and reassure them that we take data security very seriously.

“We are urgently investigating the matter to ensure this situation will not be repeated.”

The information leaked also included the passenger’s telephone number, email address and the balance due on holiday. Many customers are still unaware of the breach, one of them only discovered the error after a BBC reporter contacted her for comment.