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Three things you should know cloud computing

Three things you should know cloud computing

You can refresh an aging infrastructure without CAPEX
The feature is especially useful for organisations trying to accommodate and implement new technology. For example, if a business wished to virtualise its mission critical applications, they could easily do this through a third party cloud provider. Traditionally, they would have had to purchase expensive servers and equipment, not to mention any increase in staffing costs.

The Cloud frees up your existing IT staff

cloud computingThe IT team spend the majority of their time managing, maintaining and troubleshooting equipment. When partnering with a Cloud provider you are in essence renting the space from the provider, so they will manage, maintain and patch the servers that you are accessing. Typically, Cloud providers also offer a variety of maintenance services for the Cloud solution itself, such as reactive, proactive and completely managed, so how much time you want your staff to spend maintaining the cloud is up to you.

The Cloud offers greater service flexibility

Cloud computing services allow companies to quickly increase or decrease capacity (such as space and CPU) to match business needs. This is opposed to traditional contracts that locked the organisation to a set resource amount. This is a useful feature for any organisation, for example if you were the IT manager of a school you could downscale the server resources for a few months over the summer holidays when students will not be accessing the systems. With the Cloud, you ONLY pay for the resources and services that you use.