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Tips for building a hybrid cloud

Tips for building a hybrid cloud

Businesses are now acknowledging the value of utilising cloud computing technology, but when researching into potential solutions, many are realising that a ‘one size cloud solution’ does not suit all.

If either public clouds or private clouds are not viable options to fulfil the business requirements, organisations are now asking cloud providers to create hybrid clouds.

Hybrid cloud computingA hybrid cloud is a mixture of a private and public cloud, where some workloads are run from dedicated private hardware and other workloads are hosted on a shared infrastructure.

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As hybrid clouds are becoming increasingly popular, we’ve compiled two pieces of advice to help your business create a successful hybrid cloud. These may seem self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many organisations fail to complete these foundation tasks.

Assess your requirements

What do you actually need from the cloud? It may seem like a simple question, but there is no point paying for a solution for a 30 person organisation that was created for a business of 3000.

Likewise, how are you going to maintain the cloud? Will you be maintaining it internally or asking the cloud provider to maintain it? What applications do you need to have hosted, and do the staff need to change any of their processes?

Choose the right vendor

In our experience, you need to find a vendor with a variety of experiences and successes within the industry. You also need to ask lots of questions and talk to their existing customers. Don’t just believe what the vendor has to say, try to get the facts straight from the horses mouth. You should also ask for performance statistics, such as uptime and availability, along with analysing the terms and conditions of the SLA.