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Tips for Cloud Computing Implementations

Tips for Cloud Computing Implementations

To date it’s estimated that almost 80% of UK organisations utilise at least one cloud based service within their company.

As cloud computing implementations are relatively new and don’t include a ‘one size fits all’ solution, organisations need to slow down and assess their individual requirements. This blog contains tips on how to make the most of cloud migration.

Take small steps

Many organisations go from 0 to 100mph when looking to introduce a cloud solution into their organisation. Working in steps is the best way to ensure that the solution actually works without dramatically impacting the business and its productivity. Redesigning and implementing an entire structure at once leads to too many moving parts and can be confusing and hazardous. It’s also important to keep track of any changes made and any performance issues.

Cloud Computing ImplementationsFocus

Always remember your key goals and reasons for migrating to the cloud, it’s easy to get distracted by new technology and additional benefits and features, but if the end solution doesn’t achieve your business goals it was a waste of time.

Consider security

Security should be at the centre of any IT solution. How are you going to ensure that the required have access to the required information, and nothing more?

How are you going to prevent cloud sprawl and confidential information leaving the organisation?

Future proof

Avoiding thinking about potential future problems is a short sighted mistake that can be costly and lead to a potential re-implementation in future. By researching and taking your time you can ensure that your business has a long term, effective cloud strategy in place.