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Top 5 Cloud Trends for 2017

Top 5 Cloud Trends for 2017

A blog by Antonio Francis – Support Engineer

As the end of 2016 approaches, businesses are putting together their forecasts and predictions for the cloud computing industry over the next few years. Likewise, I decided to put together a list of trends that I think the industry needs to be prepared for.

More users joining the cloud

With cloud computing advancing at such a rapid rate, it’s clear that more people will be migrating towards it in order to seek its benefits – such as how flexible and cost effective it has become.

Initially, those that have steered away from this technology may have done so because it was new in the arena. However, now it has had time to prove itself as the new way forward, the barrier to entry has fallen for many companies.


As the push towards the cloud increases, the more the cloud providers will be targeted. Hosting providers will need to look into improving their security and this should come in the form of a solid platform to host on, strong firewalls and being on top of the latest threats out there.

Providers will also need to ensure that if they’re holding confidential information, they’re also using a top tier security level data centre.

Competitive Pricing

As more businesses migrate to the cloud, the more hosting providers will be targeted as partners. This competitive aspect will then affect provider pricing, as they will have to match or beat the competition. It will also consequently affect the prices of storage and hardware.

Rethink hosting

Current hosting providers may need to rethink how their business model is working. Their current platform may be well suited to their currents needs and those of their customers, but they need to plan for future growth and may need to shake things up.

This could mean that they’ll need to separate out the lower level security customers from the higher ones. They may also need to think about simplifying things without losing security as they’ll have so many more customers to look after.


One of the more popular cloud computing advantages is that you’re not tethered to a desk or office when working, providing the freedom to work from anywhere. As this benefit is so popular, with employees working on the move and in between meetings, I can only imagine that this aspect will evolve over the next few years, in order to meet customer demands.