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Top challenges for software developers

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Top challenges for software developers

As a SaaS hero, we’re sure you’ve encountered and defeated your fair share of challenges when it comes to developing and hosting your application online.

Over the last few years online software hosting has grown from strength to strength and is now undoubtedly the fastest growing element under the cloud computing umbrella. This staggering growth is due to both a change in customer demands and the efficiency of new technology.

The benefits

SaaS superheroSome of the more popular benefits from Software as a Service driving the change include; lower cost of entry for both end users and developers, pay as you grow hosting, lower cost of ownership and higher end user adoption rates.

Although SaaS is one of the fastest growing technologies, there are still a few common issues that software developers face when exploring deployment, but in the end, the benefits far outweigh the complications.

I’ve compiled this blog together to hopefully help and prepare you to make your transition to the cloud as smooth as possible.

Choosing the right partner

For the majority of businesses, partnering with a cloud hosting provider is a no brainer in terms of the cost and service benefits received, but with seemingly hundreds of providers shouting ‘pick me’, ‘pick me’, how do you narrow down your search for one that suits you?

Information is power and research is its sidekick, the only true way of knowing if a cloud provider is a natural fit for your business is to investigate them. It sounds simple but it’s actually surprising how many companies simply go for the cheapest provider, but unfortunately the well-known saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ is also true with the cloud.

What reputation does the provider have? Have you looked at their terms and conditions? Are they UK based or international? What are their support levels? Are they available 2/4×7? How do they protect your data?

All these questions are just the tip of the iceberg and a reputable provider will be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss your business requirements.

Customer expectations

Customers, service providers and employers can often be a victim of crossed wires in regards to expectations. It’s important that all parties know what their role is in the transition and how it will be managed. If your existing customers are migrating over to the cloud, they need to be fully briefed on any changes that will be made and what it means for them in both the short term and the long term. This is something that personally, as a service provider, we help with, but you may have to explore this with other vendors.

Handing over the reigns

So you’re all ready to migrate, everything is planned and scheduled but you have to release control of the hosting to your new provider. Even if you’ve selected the best provider in the world to host your software, there is always going to be a bit of reluctance to the change! Taking a leap of faith will pay off in the end, as SaaS is only anticipated to grow, it would be crazy not to try it and the right vendor will be able to mitigate all of your concerns.

Want to SaaS?

If you’re interested in exploring software as a service with virtualDCS, we’re more than happy to offer you a free proof of concept and for you to try the solution for free, with free business advice and no setup costs.

If you’d like any more information about software as a service or how to migrate your systems to the cloud, feel free to contact the team using the form below or call us on 03453 888 327.